Registration of a trademark in Russia

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State registration of a trademark is the process of obtaining a title of protection for a company name. Individual entrepreneurs or legal entities can obtain trademark registration according to the Law of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, the registration of a trademark is not available for citizens-individuals (residents). Citizens of other countries can apply for registration as an individual. You can register a name, logo or a combination of both as a trademark. Based on the type, the following registration options are distinguished:

  • Word trademark.
  • Design trademark.                                                                                                
  • Combined trademark.

In the case of a word trademark, you can get protection for the company name, slogan or other object consisting of letters or numbers. Design trademark can include a logo or other drawing, for example, a character. The combined trademark will help to protect both the verbal part and the image at once. It’s important to understand that the trademark must be used in the way it passed state registration.

Trademark verification in Russia.

One of the main requirements for a trademark is its uniqueness and distinctive ability. We conduct a full search of registered trademarks and submitted applications before applying for registration. Such verification allows obtaining information on trademarks that can be opposed in the process of obtaining a Certificate. Even before applying (or at the initial stage) we can make the necessary changes: add a logo, change the font. This will increase the distinctiveness and increase the chances for successful registration.

Classes for trademark registration.

Trademarks are registered for specific goods or services. An international classifier is used for determination. It includes 45 different classes. Choosing classes is an important task for each customer. Protection will apply exclusively to those goods or services for which registration is carried out. Our employees or a convenient search for goods and services can help you make your choice. Just enter the manufactured product or service that you provide, and the system will prompt the class.

How long does it take to register a trademark in Russia?

Terms of registration of a trademark depend on the chosen procedure. There are two options:

  1. Trademark registration for 6 - 8 months.
  2. Trademark registration for 10 - 15 months.

How much does a trademark registration cost in Russia?

A number of factors affect the cost of registering a trademark in Russia. First of all, this is the number of classes selected. The more classes you need for your trademark, the more expensive it will cost. Besides, the price is formed based on the selected procedure. Accelerated procedure costs a little more than the standard one.

A registered trademark provides the owner with a number of special advantages. Among them: to allow or prohibit its use to third parties (companies), transfer ownership to others, sell it or transfer it to temporary possession. The main advantage of trademark is protection. In cases of violation, the owner of the registered trademark may go to court and claim his rights. Pre-trial settlement is also available. You will be able to contact the violator with the official requirement not to use your trademark.