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Each project, company or website, like a person, has its own name. The laws of almost all countries of the world allow obtaining exclusive rights to the name by registering the trademark. That is, the person who registered a specific name for its business can prevent other businessmen from using that name, referring to the registered trademark.

Profitmark.net is an international online registrar of trademarks. Using our website, you can check and register the trademark in more than 150 countries around the world.

The trademark is registered through our website. To apply, you need to fill an online application form. You should specify the details of the Applicant, contact information, attach a trademark image and identify the classes of goods and services in respect of which you want to register the trademark.

If you don’t know your class of goods and services, you can use the search by product or service. Once you choose the class, we strongly recommend viewing the relevant list of goods or services and retain only those goods/services that you actually produce/provide. In most countries, there are regulations obliging the owner to use the trademark in relation to all claimed goods and services.

Thus, the TM nonuse may serve as a ground for a partial TM cancellation with respect to specific goods/services, or generally if the trademark is not used at all.

Profitmark.net -  carries out trademark search, apply to register a trade mark, trademark monitoring and domain registration.