Registration of a trademark in the Republic of Belarus

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Registration of a trademark in the Republic of Belarus will protect your business and increase its value. Having received exclusive rights to brand names, its owner will be able to prohibit its use to other persons. The trademark helps to fight against counterfeit products and unfair competition. According to the laws of Belarus, citizens of the country as individuals or registered companies of any form of ownership can apply for registration.

What can be registered as a trademark in Belarus? As in many other countries you can register:

  • Word trademark.
  • Design trademark.
  • Combined trademark.

You need to choose the type of trademark based on the symbol you want to protect. We register a word trademark if it contains only letters and numbers. Registration of a design trademark is suitable if it is, for example, a character or another drawing. If your symbol contains both verbal and graphic parts, registration of the combined trademark will be optimal.

In general, the stages of registration of a trademark in the Republic of Belarus are as follows:

  1. The patent authority of the Republic of Belarus (National Center for Intellectual Property - NCIP) searches for and decides whether the declared mark can be registered as a trademark
  2. The applicant determines what he wants to protect as a trademark and how much protection he needs; after filing the application, it will be impossible to replace the declared mark or add new goods/services to the application
  3. After payment of the registration fee, the patent body of the Republic of Belarus enters information about the trademark in the register and publishes it.
  4. A title of protection is issued, which confirms the exclusive rights of the owner of the trademark

If you want to save your time and budget, and obtain legal protection of a trademark in a number of countries, the best solution would be the international registration of a trademark in the Republic of Belarus. This opportunity is available to every applicant.

Trademark check in Belarus.

The claimed trademark must necessarily have a distinctive ability. It must be unique and must not violate the rights of third parties. A trademark search in Belarus is carried out just in order to identify similar characters. Professional trademark check is a guarantee of successful registration. If similar symbols are identified during the verification process, it will be necessary to add distinctiveness to the trademark. This can be done by adding graphic elements or replacing the verbal part.

Classes for trademark registration.

It is necessary to determine the classes for goods and services when submitting an application. Each trademark is registered for a certain type of activity. There are 45 classes in the international classifier. You should done the process of choosing classes with all responsibility. Protection will only apply to declared goods or services. You can easily find the right class with our system. Start typing the name of the product or service in the search box and the system will prompt you for the required class. If you cannot decide on your own - contact our experts for advice.

In Belarus, the grounds for refusal to register a trademark are established by law. So, in accordance with legal regulations, the grounds can be:

  1. Absolute. The mark declared by the person who applied to the department cannot be used as a trademark by its nature (for example, the designation does not have any features to distinguish it from other marks and the consumer will not be able to remember such a mark).
  2. Relative. Registration of a trademark would violate the rights of others.

How long does it take to register a trademark in Belarus?

The average term of a trademark registration is 14-16 months. The National Center for Intellectual Property of Belarus will conduct several examinations within this time:

  1. Preliminary examination.
  2. Examination of the claimed trademark.

In case of their successful result, a decision on registration will be made. The issuance of a Trademark Certificate will be the next step.

The cost of registering a trademark in the Republic of Belarus?

A number of factors affect the cost of registering a trademark. The main one is the number of classes. The price is based on the number of claimed classes. Besides, the type of applicant influences the cost. Registering a trademark for a legal entity is somewhat more expensive. Word and design trademarks cost the same, but you have to pay some extra for the combined trademark. Anyway, fees for trademark registration in Belarus starts from 2137 Belarusian rubles per 1 class for today.