Andrew Chornyi - our client and founder of Plerdy - a service that offers effective methods of data collection that will help build a winning strategy to increase conversions and increase profits. The service is intended for those who develop their online store or site, actively work with online marketing channels or whose online store or site already has certain traffic indicators.

I worked in a marketing agency, was engaged in analytics. He later started working with SEO and grew to head of marketing. We have had many e-commerce clients working in a highly competitive environment where site usability is extremely important. I felt they needed professionals who could quickly improve the site and improve conversion rates.

For analysis, we lacked data on how users behave on the pages of sites. Reasons for low conversions can include misconfigured traffic channels, incomprehensible design to the target audience, interface errors, high competition that continues to grow, and so on. So in 2015 I opened the SEO agency Lemarbet, and in 2017 I started creating Plerdy ( and the first product - a click map (Heatmap).

Our specialists are certified experts in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, who have been working in the field of Internet marketing for many years.


Conversion rate optimization is a continuous process of site analysis that helps increase traffic and increase sales. By evaluating the site and making the necessary changes, you will be able to push visitors to the desired action, such as buying goods or subscribing. To optimize a site's conversion, it's important to understand how people use it, how they click, how they perceive content, and most importantly, why they leave the resource without completing the conversion. You need to carefully study the site and regularly test it for minor changes for the most effective optimization.


At the same time, this complicates the product, because we provide figures and indicators, but to read them correctly and build a hypothesis is the task of the customer's marketing department. So, for example, a junior marketer will probably lack the knowledge and experience to work with our reports. We plan to develop automatic recommendations, which on the basis of the received data will explain what to improve, which of the buttons on the site is more important and what to look for in the conversion path.

In the process of communicating with customers and partners, we continue to receive interesting observations and recommendations for further improvement and supplementation of the service.

I can identify several insights and trends in the market:

1. The bounce rate of customers in online stores can grow if the site does not have a filter. Usually, when choosing a product, people go to the page of the site and simultaneously open several competitors by choosing - they want to evaluate and compare characteristics. If you do not have a filter - there is a high probability that your site will be closed. Now people do not understand for a long time. The interface is incomprehensible and inconvenient - they go.
2. The design is outdated. All top Ukrainian online stores study their users, so they are constantly improving and becoming more modern. Of course, the share of traffic from smartphones is growing, so the emphasis is mainly on the design for the mobile version.
3. Generation Z becomes solvent. People who are now 17-18 years old, who are accustomed to the TikTok format and have learned to use the phone rather than read, will choose differently. They will probably want to watch the video. This should be taken into account, because this audience is already a potential customer.
4. Website designers must take into account the age of the audience. For example, an audience of 50+ years of an online seedling store may not understand that the filter icon is clickable. It was painted by young designers, for whom it is obvious, but it is unfamiliar to older audiences

Now we are represented on all continents, but our task in the near future is to cover more the English-speaking market, to get more traffic through the publication of articles, training materials, partner materials. And our global goal is to enter the top 3 services for analyzing user behavior in the world. Next - become # 1.

We have registered the trademark in the USA and in Ukraine. This is an important step for the company, which proves our reliability and reputation.