Oleg Martyshyn is our client and founder of the Meditoria company, which is a provider of services for healthcare institutions of all levels and forms of ownership - from the monopractice of a  doctor to large regional hospitals. Oleg is a doctor by profession, but after moving from Donetsk he decided to leave practical medicine. In Kuiv, he began work as a hired worker, but over time, part of the team under his leadership began Meditoria. Oleg told how he develops business.

At first, as part of Meditoria, we organized events for medical and pharmaceutical companies, but in 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, we had to transform and open up new directions. Most of the companies in our industry have suffered losses, bankruptcies, or gone into hiatus. For us, quarantine has become a real driver of growth.

We are a company operating on the most outsourcing model. We offer outsourced services and also 90% of our own activities are outsourced.

We have a stable staff of 10 people. And it was thanks to the team that believed in the idea of ​​the project that we successfully completed 2020 and continued to grow in 2021. We succeeded because we were constantly looking for new services and monitoring the market to find out what healthcare institutions need and what they can outsource.

We start from market demand and transform it into an offer

We are not ahead of the system, but move in parallel with it. The system tells us: "we need it" - and we immediately attract experts, together we develop a service and offer it to the market.For example, now many hospitals need to develop SMM in order to communicate with patients, but inside the medical system, no one mostly knows how to do this effectively. We took on this task, recruited (and sometimes taught from scratch) people and offered this service to the market. And now we conduct social networks and external communication for dozens of our clients.

In the conditions of reforming in the medical system, innovations are constantly appearing. Thus, one of the mandatory requirements of the national health service is the existence of a strategic development plan, which every institution applying for funding must have. Therefore, we began to help medical institutions develop this strategy and implement it. As a result, we have a new company that provides legal, as well as financial and accounting services on outsourcing - "Advokatoriya".

But we have not stopped holding events. On the contrary, this area is actively developing: now we are also doing training courses for the heads of healthcare institutions in management, strategic and financial planning, and HR management.

A reformed medical system is created for the patient

Although the system is imperfect, and we certainly have something to work on, it is definitely effective in terms of the availability of medical services. For example, in developed European countries, as a rule, you can sign up for a consultation today, and get to the doctor in 3 months. There you can not come to the neurologist or ophthalmologist from day to day or sign up for tomorrow.

According to the old Soviet system, it was believed that the doctor should be close, although this principle is absolutely normal for primary care today. This approach gave rise to outpatient clinics and hospitals at every step - let there be many of them, there are also many doctors, but they will work for almost nothing. However, now the funding model is changing: only the best doctors remain - they also receive large salaries.

At the same time, the principle applies: money follows the patient. A doctor can no longer just sit out his working hours and receive money from the state. Now if a patient comes, the hospital receives money, if he doesn't come, there is no money. Everyone understood that the patient must be fought for. And such competition stimulates the service: now sometimes you go to a communal hospital and you don’t understand whether this is a private institution or a state one. Therefore, the one who transforms succeeds.

A trademark is the prestige and trust of customers. The whole world is coming to the conclusion that the rights to ideas, companies and names should be registered and belong to the owners. So whatever you can make your own, you should make your own. This is how we protect our intellectual property.