Vladimir Karasenko is our client and founder of Industrial Systems. The company is engaged in the sale and service of compressor equipment. Vladimir told how his company became an authorized distributor of compressor equipment for European manufacturers.

I have dreamed of business since my student days. He was educated as a mechanical engineer of compressor equipment and, in order to gain practical skills, went to work as an employee. After 10 years of working in hiring, the idea of ​​a business revived in my head, and after another dissatisfaction with the work and a misunderstanding of the company's policy, I decided to leave. Together with my former colleague and classmate, we founded Industrial Systems.

The company's activities are focused on promoting advanced, energy-saving technologies for the compression, preparation and separation of air and non-aggressive gases. Our engineers have extensive experience in working with compressed air, regularly confirm their qualifications on training in Europe and develop comprehensive solutions for optimizing the production, preparation and use of compressed air for new and existing enterprises.


Compressed air is more expensive than natural gas, but our customers choose such equipment because they value its high efficiency and economic benefits. These are premium services - expensive and specific.

Our services include design, supply, installation and maintenance of compressor equipment from leading European manufacturers. We carry out turnkey work and offer a range of service programs to ensure long-term and trouble-free operation of the installed equipment. Such programs can significantly reduce the cost of unscheduled repairs of compressor equipment, balance the budget of the enterprise, taking into account the cost of maintenance and ensure comfort during operation.

We mainly use standard customer acquisition channels. Our sales department works with the cold market, we participate in exhibitions, conduct seminars and invite potential customers.

Over the past 5 years, we have mastered a new market and are taking part in the modernization of diesel locomotives in Ukraine. Thanks to our efforts and the help of partners, the cost of fuel and the cost of owning diesel locomotives has been reduced by 30%.

In the next 2-3 years, we plan to double the staff of the company, open new offices and markets. Now we occupy up to 3% of the market, but we want 10%

I registered the trademark to protect the investment in the brand, because the strength of the brand is of great importance to the business. In addition, the presence of the trademark allows you to register Internet resources under the ua domain.