Svitozar Khromyi is our client and co-founder of GinJob. It’s a platform for job search for freelancers. You can find interesting jobs near you and get started right away. Svitozar told us how the service works.


The idea to create an application came to my brother Nazar when we realized that in Ukraine there are no sites or applications that would offer the user to find a quick part-time job within walking distance. Therefore, we started to engage in a startup: we found a team of programmers and designers in Khmelnitsky, developed a program for iOs and Android. 


With a convenient card in GinJob, you can easily find customers who are nearby. Next, choose a job you like - caring for children, walking pets, delivery services, or anything else - and submit an application. Each task is tied to the user's location on Google Maps and Apple Maps and is located within a radius of 3 km from him. In the application, you can find both a simple task at one time, and a complex job and even permanent employment, because companies can also post vacancies with us. Now we are still testing the application and analyzing the coverage rates in Khmelnytsky, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil, so for now it is free, but in a year we will start offering a monthly subscription and additional functions. 

On GinJob, you can not only find a job, but also delegate tasks in order to quickly find an assistant who will quickly take up the job. There is no need to waste time on lengthy interviews and transportation. To conclude an agreement here is quick and reliable, because each user has a rating and reviews, and payment for the work performed is already done. Plus, GinJob gives you the freedom to reward freelancers according to your financial means - just submit your price.  


You can be the only programmer or repairman in your area. This is great news! You can take this chance and increase your monthly income at a convenient time.

We are now looking for investors. So far, the application works only in Ukraine. We want to evaluate the statistics and identify problems, and then scale it to Europe and the United States. 

My brother and I studied to be lawyers, so we understand how important it is to register a trademark and to have a formalized business so as not to be afraid of illegal copying.