Pavel Belenky is our client and co-founder of FishBum, a major supplier of goods for tourism and fishing. Pavel told how he turned a hobby into a business.

We founded FishBum together with our partner - Vitaly Zaika. Our main goal is to popularize fishing and outdoor activities. We provide our clients, anglers, with one-of-a-kind, highly efficient hand-made tackle and other related products. At our website lovers of outdoor activities and fishermen will be able to find a lot of useful equipment and equipment for tourism with a flexible system of discounts.

The following types of products are presented in the FishBum online store:

1. Handmade fishing tackle, which are distinguished by their uniqueness and catching power. The development team includes professional anglers with many years of experience in fishing. All goods undergo mandatory quality testing before entering the store. This section contains products of such categories as: silicone baits, spoons (spoons and spinners), wobblers, balance weights, amphipods, barbs, streamers, leashes and much more.
2. Fishing tools and accessories. The catalog contains rods, reels, fishing lines, inflatable boats and engines for them, baits and baits, containers for storing and transporting fish and tackle and other goods.
3. Equipment for hiking trips.Tourism and fishing are fun only in comfortable conditions. We will provide you with these conditions with the help of tourist furniture, drinking systems, awnings and tents, dishes, lanterns, backpacks, sleeping bags, bindings and other products.
4. Knives and tools. Knives play an important role among the goods for fishing and tourism. You will find them in our store. We also have sharpening devices and accessories for knives, multitools and training weapons, saws, machetes and axes, shovels, sabers and swords.
5. Equipment and clothing. FishBum will provide you with thermal underwear and outerwear, glasses and hats, gloves, belts and socks, insoles, knee pads and elbow pads, insurance vests, as well as products for the care of hiking clothing and footwear.

We have absolutely everything for fishing and tourism. If customers do not find products of interest on the site, our managers can always offer alternative options for products that will meet your needs.

We have been cooperating with our suppliers for 20 years, therefore we are confident in our products and provide guarantees for them.

FishBum office is located in Kyiv, but we ship goods all over Ukraine.

In the future, our plans are to develop and scale, improve the quality of user service, and bring it to perfection. We are developing the brand identity and our fishing groups on Facebook, Instagram, as well as a Youtube channel.

We decided to create a brand and register a trademark after a bad experience two years ago, when our partner and owner of an IT company behaved dishonestly. Then we realized the need to protect our intellectual property and our customers from the purchase of substandard goods and counterfeits.