Sergey Semka is our client and founder of the Chipmotor company, which is engaged in car diagnostics and professional chip tuning. Sergey tell us about the development of the company and trends in the automotive industry.

I live in Krivoy Rog and have been doing diagnostics for over 10 years. At first it was carburetors, then injectors, and then I took up computer diagnostics, tuning and programming. Over time, I decided to open a service station. For 10 years, our team has acquired unique knowledge and skills - from tuning carburetor engines to programming modern control systems for gasoline and diesel engines. This allows us to solve any customer problem and always find the source of the car problem and solve it.

Chipmotor is engaged in professional complex diagnostics of engine control systems, engine electronics and mechanics, petrol and gas installations.

We do professional chip tuning for all brands of cars of any complexity:

- power increase 10% - 35%;
- reduction of fuel consumption by up to 10%;
- installation and maintenance of gas equipment;
- programmed removal of the catalyst (E-2);
- removal of the particulate filter (DPF);
- removal of the EGR valve;
- disabling the Adblue system, SCR), swirl flaps and intake flaps (TVA / VSA);
- secondary air systems (SAP), etc .;
- production of custom firmware for service stations and chip tuners;
- physical removal of the catalyst, particulate filter and installation of a stronger or resonator individually for each car, depending on the design features.

If clients cannot come to our service station, we offer to send us a block for "firmware" by mail. Many clients come to us for recommendations. We always give a guarantee for our work.

In new cars, 60% of the cost of a car is electronics

The vector of development of the automotive industry has changed: before, engines of large volumes were made, so they were very powerful and could go a million kilometers without repair. And now the question of the environmental friendliness of cars has arisen. Based on this, the goal of the designers is to deliver more power with a smaller engine displacement, so they make turbocharged engines. To do this, the engine control systems need to be precisely calculated, so that the electronics in cars are becoming more and more complex.

Previously, car manufacturers earned more, but now there is high competition and a lot of cheap technologies on the market. People are often more interested in original design than quality. And companies are trying to keep up with the trends and are playing for a long time: they reduce the cost of cars so that they require repairs more often, and their owners turn to dealerships, paying for parts and maintenance.

We follow trends and are constantly learning. On the Chipmotor Facebook and Instagram page, I describe interesting cases and cars for chip tuning are my hobby.

I believe that if you do something, do it well. I want to do my job not only well, but best of all. Therefore, it was important for me to register a trademark: so that we are not perceived as an ordinary service station garage, but as a serious professional service that takes responsibility for the work done and who can be trusted. Thanks to the trademark registration, we also got the .ua domain and were able to run ads on Google.