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Slovenia is home to more than two million people. This small country has a strong economy and excellent conditions for business development. Here you can both keep existing business, or start from scratch. Many want to take a place in this market. The government creates conditions for entrepreneurs, including the foreign ones.

The business launched shall be marked by a trademark registration in Slovenia. This will help ensure protection from abuse and unfair actions of competitors. There are several ways to register, i.e. international and national procedures. If TM is registered in two or more countries, the Madrid registration system would be the best option. If the goal is to market in one country, you can register a trademark in Slovenia.

TM registration in Slovenia

Trademark registration does not tolerate inaccuracies or errors. It is therefore better to turn to professionals. We offer our services, since we have everything necessary to do so. This is both a team of skilled professionals and experience and developed work system, and partners around the world. With Profitmark, your designation will be registered correctly and receive legal assistance.

Our strengths also include a unique, modern approach to trademark registration in Slovenia. We have developed a special online service, which allows you to perform the basic registration steps online, directly on our website. Here you'll find all the tools you need to obtain a certificate of the mark for goods and services.

The most important preliminary procedure is search for similar trademarks. It can be performed online, just enter a keyword and specify the ICGS class. Please, note that the search for trademarks in Slovenia online is for informational purposes only. We recommend ordering a full search for more information.

When applying for trademark registration in Slovenia, our experts will help you choose the right classes, fill out the online application, and will monitor the registration process with the Office.