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The competent office for registration of a trademark in Poland is the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Words, images, figures and even sounds may be considered as trademark in Poland. Unlike in other countries, the three-dimensional shape of goods, their design or appearance may be also registered as trademark in Poland. A trademark may not necessarily contain only one of the above mentioned elements, it can be a combination of signs. For example, a logo and a title may be registered as one sign.

Both natural and legal persons – citizens of Poland as well as non-residents – have the right to apply for trademark registration.  A trademark may be a collective property in Poland provided there is an agreement that would regulate the relations of the parties and the use of the sigh by the parties.

Trademark registration procedure is transparent in Poland. It means that all applications for registration are public and anyone can obtain information about the filed sign, and in case of any objections may address to the Patent Office.

A standard procedure for obtaining the right for a trademark in Poland takes from 15 to 18 months from the date of filing of a trademark application. If all documents are executed correctly and there are no objections against trademark registration, the Patent Office grants a Trademark Certificate for goods and services. All trademarks are registered for 10 years with the possibility to extend the protection period which shall be subject to payment of fees.