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How to register trademark in Panama

Trademark application in Panama is available to individuals and legal entities. To obtain exclusive rights to a company name, you should fill out the form on our website online. Profitmark International Patent Bureau specializes in the registration of intellectual property and has official representatives in 120 countries. Using our service to register a trademark in Panama you receive:

  1. Consulting support.
  2. Professional trademark verification in Panama
  3. Preparation of a package of documents for obtaining registration.
  4. The official filing of the Application for registration with the patent office of the country.
  5. Accompanying your application with an accredited patent attorney.
  6. If necessary: ​​filing petitions or other additional documents and applications in the process of registering a trademark.
  7. Obtaining a Certificate for a trademark.

Trademark registration procedure in Panama

Pre-filing trademark search in Panama is not compulsory.

Trademark registration process in Panama takes between 6 to 9 months.

The registration process begins with filing an application in the Panamanian Trademark and Patent Office: the General Directorate of Registration of Industrial Property (DIGERPI) of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

You should present:

  1. Your complete identification: name, address, Phone number, E-mail address.
  2. Design of your trademark in gif or jpg format.
  3. Complete indication of the products or services that you wish to protect with your trademark, but in one single class only, as multi-class registration is not allowed in Panama.
  4. The class according with the 9th edition of the Nice International Classification.
  5. A non-official translation to Spanish Language of the priority document.
  6. The Power of Attorney (notarized and legalized up to the Panamanian Consulate in your country).
  7. A certificate of incorporation or business (legalized) certificate.
  8. A non – official translation to Spanish language of the business certificate or certificate of incorporation.
  9. Panamanian authorities require an affidavit (legalized) concerning the use of the trademark in the country, where you should state that you know nothing about the others being using the same trademark.

One month after, the Trademark and Patent Office will make an official examination to verify if your application complies with the requirements. Prior this examination, the trademark should be published in the Industrial Property Bulletin.

It is possible to make objections during the publication stage. Third parties will have 2 month after the publication date for presenting oppositions.

Finally, the Panamanian Trademark and Patent Office notifies the decision and issue the PROPERTY TITLE.

Panama trademark renewal

A trademark registration in Panama is valid for 10 years from the filing date. The registration is renewable for periods of 10 years.

How much does it cost to register a trademark in Panama?

Trademark registration fees in Panama are US$140.50 for each category in which the trademark is to be registered.

In addition to the high competence of our experts, online interaction is one of the main advantages of our company service. Specially developed software allows us to accept the applications and process them in automatic mode. In countries where online patent filing is available, we use exactly this option. This allows assigning quickly priority to the applicant.

The user gets access to the personal account on the site, which will display complete information about the paperwork. You will be aware of any changes in the pendency of application status by sending a notification letter via the specified email.

If you decide to register a trademark in Panama - just file an online application!

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