Trademark registration in Latvia.

TM registration: $685
TM search: $280





How to register a trademark in Latvia? Foreign applicants must be represented before The Patent Office of The Republic of Latvia by a registered Latvian trademark attorney. You can make it by filling out the form on Profitmark International Patent Bureau website online. Our Patent Bureau has official representatives in more than 100 countries. We can offer different services to you, including our consulting support, the service of an accredited patent attorney, check of your trademark in Latvia, and the official filing of your application to The Patent Office of The Republic of Latvia, filing additional documents and applications if necessary and obtaining a Certificate for your trademark in Latvia.

We have a special software, which allows to accept the applications and process them in automatic mode. It helps us in countries where online patent filing is available. You can get an access to your personal account on our site; it will help you to be informed about any changes in the pendency of application status by email.

Trademark Search in Latvia

We always recommend to make a trademark search before the application. It will help you to avoid the conflict with already existing trademarks. In order to find information if a certain trademark is protected in Latvia, one should search in three databases:

  1. The national database that contains information on trademarks filed with the Patent Office of The Republic of Latvia under the national procedure.
  2. eSearch plus database of the European Union Intellectual Property Office that contains data on European Union trademarks;
  3. TMview search tool provides free access to trademark applications and registrations from a number of national trade mark offices from all over the world;

The registration procedure in Latvia takes from 10 to 14 months.

You have to provide the following information:

  • Your name and address;
  • Illustration of your trademark;
  • List of goods and/or services for your trademark in accordance with the international classification;
  • Signed Power of Attorney.

The Patent Office issues the official notification of the receipt of the Latvian trademark application within 4-5 months after the completion of filing. 4-5 months after it, they issue the grant decision in accordance with the results of the formal examination. If the decision is positive, you are invited to pay the registration and publication fees. After that, your trademark is registered in the State Register of Trademarks, published in the official bulletin and the registration certificate is issued. Any person may file an opposition against the registration of your trademark within three months from the date of publication of the trademark.

A trademark in Latvia is valid for 10 years from the date of filing. The renewal of trademarks in Latvia is available for every 10 years. The state fee for the renewal is EUR 200.

Cost of trademark registration in Latvia

Trademark registration fees in Latvia are EUR 100 for filing and EUR 110 upon grant.

If you decide to register a trademark in Latvia - just file an online application!