Trademark registration in Lithuania.

TM registration: $702
TM search: $280





Trademark is a legally protected company name of a company or individual. Trademark registration in Lithuania can be carried out according to the national procedure or by filing a general application for the registration of trademark in the European Union. The distinction of the national procedure is that the protection will extend exclusively to Lithuania. The State Patent Office of the Republic of Lithuania handles intellectual property registration in the country. To start the procedure, just fill out an online application on our website.

Trademark verification in Lithuania.

Before starting the process of registering trademark in Lithuania, we do recommend you to conduct a full search in database of already registered trademarks and filed applications. Such verification will completely eliminate or minimize the probability of denial of registration. Besides, according to local law, third parties may file an objection to the trademark after it is registered. This procedure is provided if the trademark violates (may violate) someone else's rights. Conducting a professional trademark check will display all available information about applications and trademarks that have passed registration.

Trademark registration procedure in Lithuania.

The procedure for registering trademark in Lithuania is not much different from other countries. Thanks to the system we have developed, the application will take no more than 5 minutes. First, you need to choose:

  1. Type of trademark.
  2. Applicant status (individual or legal entity).
  3. Choose classes for registration.
  4. Enter applicant details.
  5. Pay the bill.

Type of trademark. There are three types of trademarks: word trademark, design trademark and combined trademark. The first option is suitable if your trademark is a word or phrase. For example, company name or advertising slogan. You can register a logo or appearance of the product as a design trademark. Combined trademark is a trademark that includes both verbal and graphic parts.

Classes for registration. Each trademark is registered for a certain type of activity - goods or services. Lithuania uses an international classifier that contains 45 classes.  You can make a choice if read what is included in each class or if you contact our experts for help.

Data. The data must be specified in strict accordance with the identity document. Be careful and fill in all required fields.

Payment. You can pay for the registration of a trademark in Lithuania online or by the invoice for your company.

It will take approximately 12 months from the filing date to officially register the trademark. During this time, the Office will conduct the necessary checks and examinations and issue a title of protection. The trademark is valid for 10 years with the possibility of extension.