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During the trademark registration in Lithuania, you will come across with the need to perform the following steps:

1. Selection of the International Classifier classes, which will correspond to the company business direction and allow you to protect the products or services in the relevant areas securely. These classes will clearly delineate the scope of the trademark owner’s rights in Lithuania.

2. Once the classes are selected, you can proceed to designation check for novelty. Search for similar and identical symbols will show all symbols, which may prevent your trademark registration in Lithuania. A free online scan takes a few minutes and is performed at our website. Note that the online search is exploratory in nature and does not provide guarantees for registration. For full information, we recommend ordering a professional search.

3. When the name, class and type of your trademark are defined and no similarity is found, it is possible to calculate the exact cost of the trademark registration in Lithuania. You can do it online by filling in an application for registration. Enter the key parameters and the service will deliver the cost of the service. The price depends on the applicant’s legal status, the number of selected classes, designation type, registration period, and other parameters. The amount includes government fees, taxes, and attorney's fee.

4. If you need to register a trademark in Lithuania, file a free online application on our website, and we will promptly execute your instructions. After applying, you can monitor the registration process in your account.

Register a trademark in Lithuania and protect your rights.