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A name, logo or other brand name may become a trademark only after official registration. The National Institute of Intellectual Property is engaged in such registration in Kazakhstan. The Profitmark international patent agency will help you to obtain legislative protection for the trademark. Due to the developed network of partners, we offer to register a trademark in Kazakhstan and in another 120 countries of the world.

Registration of a trademark in Kazakhstan - what can you protect?

Trademark registration in Kazakhstan is available not only for companies. An individual can become a trademark owner as well.

What can be registered as a trademark in Kazakhstan?

  1. Word trademark. This type will allow you to register a trademark that consists of symbols - letters, numbers or a combination of both.
  2. Design trademark. This type allows you to get the protection of the graphic element. It could be, for example, a company logo.
  3. Combined trademark.  Such a trademark may consist of both verbal and graphic parts.

There are also less common types of trademarks. They are rarely used, but if you need to protect, for example, a unique bottle, you can do it in the form of a volumetric trademark.

The declared mark is presented in 8x8 cm format. The mark is filed in three copies on paper.

If the application is filed as an electronic document, the image of the declared mark is filed in a format that allows it to be printed in compliance with the established dimensions.

Registration of a trademark in Kazakhstan is carried out for certain goods or services that will be sold or provided under this trademark. An international classifier is used to identify specific goods or services. Our convenient search will help you find the required class - just enter the name in the search box and the system will offer an option.

What documents are required to register a trademark in Kazakhstan?

  1. The application must relate to one trademark.
  2. The application should be filed on a standard form; it must contain: 1) a request for an examination of the trademark indicating the applicant, his location or residence; 2) the claimed trademark; 3) a list of goods and (or) services in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services.
  3. The application should be accompanied by: 1) a document confirming payment for the services of an expert organization for the examination (both for preliminary and full examination). 2) a power of attorney, if you fill out an application through a representative; 3) the statute of a collective trademark (if it is an application for a collective trademark), which must include the name of the organization authorized to register a collective trademark in its own name, the purpose of registering this mark, a list of entities entitled to use this mark, a list and uniform qualities or other characteristics of goods and services that will be designated by the collective trademark, the conditions for its use, the procedure for monitoring its use, liability for violation of the provisions of the statute of the collective trademark.

How can you register a trademark in Kazakhstan?

You can apply for registration of a trademark in Kazakhstan in real time on our website. To do this, select the type of trademark, the status of applicants and classes for goods and services. After filling in the information about the owners, you will receive an invoice for payment. You can deposit funds either online or through a bank. An application will be officially filed to the Office automatically after receiving the money. Note that the registration price includes professional search and verification of a trademark in Kazakhstan. Within such a check, we can verify the uniqueness of the trademark. If trademarks similar to the degree of confusion are revealed during the inspection, we will give recommendations on increasing the distinguishing ability of the trademark.

Further, the Office will carry out the procedures required before registration:

  • Preliminary examination.
  • Full examination.

These actions are necessary to determine the security of the trademark given. Terms of examination: preliminary examination - within ten working days from the date of filing the application; full examination - within seven months from the date of filing the application. The registration process lasts up to one year. In case of successful completion of all procedures, the applicant receives a Certificate.

Trademark registration costs in Kazakhstan

Trademark registration fee in Kazakhstan is established in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Acceptance of an application and examination for registration of a trademark, service mark – KZT 60,599.84.

Acceptance of an application and conducting a preliminary examination for registration of a trademark, service mark up to 3 classes of MKTU - KZT 16,599.5.

Additionally, for each class over 3 classes of MKTU - KZT 7 193.76.

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