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Italy is a country with a high level of development, which is a leader in quality of life worldwide. The country is home to over 60 million people with a good level of income. Entering such a market should start with a trademark registration. You can register your designation using the Madrid system or by applying according to the Italian national procedure through the Patent Office of Italy. To register a trademark in Italy, you don’t need to have a registered designation in another country. Both an individual and a legal entity may apply.

Trademark registration in Italy has a lot of peculiarities, which can be handled by a professional only. Therefore, it is better to entrust the designation registration to us, an international patent agency. The official procedure of trademark registration in Italy traditionally begins with filing of an application. Before applying, it's worth checking the uniqueness of your selected designation. It must be done in order to minimize the probability of failure during registration. This is not a mandatory, but a very important step, which should not be neglected.

Search for identity and similarity can be made on our website free of charge. Just enter the name of the TM and the service will find a similar designation, if any, in the database. To make a search not only among existing designations, but also in the filed application database, you can order a paid search service. It is performed by a professional attorney, and you will be confident in the result, understanding the risks, which you may encounter during registration.

It is very simple to apply for the trademark registration in Italy with our online service. To do this, you just need to fill in all required fields on the registration form. Filling out the form, you will immediately see the cost of registration using our online calculator. It helps calculating the costs which you will encounter during trademark registration.

The trademark in Italy will allow you enter a new market, and it’s important to feel protected from unfair actions of competitors. Seek the professional advice for correct trademark registration and ensuring your protection.