Trademark registration in Italy.

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Trademark is a symbol registered in the manner prescribed by law. Such registration provides the owner with a number of certain advantages. The main one is the ability to prohibit the use of the trademark to third parties. You may use such a ban in the fight against unfair competition or counterfeit products.

To register a trademark in Italy, you can use one of the following procedures:

  • Trademark registration under the Madrid Agreement.
  • Trademark registration in European Union.
  • National trademark registration in Italy.

Only residents of a country or citizens of other states who have a company registered in Italy can apply for registration on their own. Those who do not have citizenship or a legal entity in Italy must apply through an accredited patent attorney. Our company has concluded a number of contracts with local attorneys. This allows us not just to provide a quality service, but also to use the maximum competencies of local intellectual property experts.  

Trademark registration in Italy - what should you protect?

The most common cases are when a company name or its logo is registered as a trademark. Moreover, the list of objects available for registration is much larger. In Italy, the following types of trademarks are most common:

  1. Word trademark.
  2. Design trademark.           
  3. Combined trademark.

Each of them provides for the registration of trademarks of a certain type. So, the verbal form of a trademark involves the protection of the designation in the form of a word. It can be letters and numbers.

The design trademark will allow you to get protection for the graphic element. Logo, for example.

A combined trademark may include both a word and an image. The logo and company name, e.g. 

In addition to the above types, you can also register sounds, three-dimensional models, color or a combination of colors as a trademark.

How can you register a trademark in Italy.

The Profitmark international patent agency offers users to apply for the trademark registration in Italy online. The application process is carried out on our website in real time mode. All you have to do is to choose the type of trademark, status of applicants, classes for registration and fill in the data of future owners of trademark. After indicating the necessary information, you will receive an invoice for payment. You can deposit funds online or through any bank in your country.