United Kingdom (UK) trademark registration process

TM registration: $600
TM search: $164





Benefits of registering a trademark in the UK

In order to get exclusive rights to your trademark, you should pass through the official registration procedure. This procedure is a trademark registration.

In the United Kingdom, which recently left the European Union, such registration is now available only through the national procedure or through international procedure. Now you can`t register a trademark in Great Britain using the EU trademark registration.

Your trademark should be unique. It can include:

  • words
  • sounds
  • logo
  • color or colors
  • a combination of any of them

Your trademark can`t be:

  • offensive, e.g., contain obscene words or pornographic images
  • misleading, such as using the word "eco" for products that are not environmental friendly
  • a 3D shape related to your trademark, like using a cucumber shape for cucumbers
  • too general and indistinguishable, for example, be a simple statement like "we indicate the goal"
  • too similar to flags or emblems, or other state symbols in accordance with the guidelines of the World Intellectual Property Organization

Your trademark shouldn`t describe the goods/services to which it will relate, e.g., the word "candy" cannot be a trademark for a confectionery company

UK trademark registration - serial applications

If you have some similar versions of your trademark, you can file a series of applications up to six trademarks.

All your trademarks should look, sound and mean the same.

Any differences should be minor.

Who can register a trademark in the UK and what is the way to do it.

Trademark registration is available to both individuals and legal entities. Citizenship or country of registration does not matter. Residents of the United Kingdom and other countries can apply. Non-residents may file an application through a patent attorney accredited in the country only.

Profitmark International Patent Agency has contracted with several UK patent attorneys. This allows us to represent the interests of customers from all over the world and successfully pass the trademark registration procedure.

For the beginning, just fill out an online application on our website. Select your type of trademark and indicate the class for goods/services in which you want to register. Each trademark is registered for a specific activity, for specific goods/services for which it will be used.

You`d better search the trademark database before submitting your application to check if someone has registered an identical or similar trademark for the same or similar goods/services.

Once you apply, you cannot change your trademark and commission fees are non-refundable

Terms of trademark registration in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom Patent Office reviews the application and issues a title of protection. The application undergoes a series of checks and examinations before making a decision on registration. In the process of their implementation, the trademark is checked for compliance with all legal requirements. In addition, the law provides for a protest against registration by third parties. If the trademark violates someone’s rights, the company or individual may protest against such registration.

You will receive feedback on your application ("verification report") within 12 weeks (60 business days) and you have 2 months to resolve any problems.

If the expert has no objection, your application will be published in the trademark magazine within 2 months, during which any person can object to it.

Your trademark will be registered after the objection has been resolved - you will receive a certificate confirming this.

Cost of trademark registration in the United Kingdom

The cost of a standard application (online) is £170. Each additional class will cost you £50.

Trademark renewal in the UK

After your trademark has been registered, you must report any changes to your name, address or email address.

You can object to the use of trademarks of other owners, for example, if you believe that they are identical or similar to yours.

You can sell, license and pledge your trademark.

Your trademark is valid for 10 years - after this period you can renew it.