Trademark registration in Great Britain.

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In order to have exclusive rights to their trademarks, you have to go through the official registration procedure. This procedure is a trademark registration. In the United Kingdom, which recently left the European Union, such registration is now available only through the national procedure or through the Madrid system. Now you cannot register a trademark in Great Britain using the EU trademark registration. Most often, they protect the name, logo or their combination in this way. Depending on the type, there are the following types of trademarks:

  • Word trademark.
  • Design trademark.           
  • Combined trademark.

There are also a number of restrictions in the country. For example, registration cannot be obtained if the trademark is offensive, descriptive or violates the rights of third parties. Besides, they will not register a trademark that is similar or completely copy flags, emblems or other state symbols.

Who can register a trademark in the UK and what is the way to do it?

Trademark registration is available to both individuals and legal entities. Citizenship or country of registration does not matter. Residents of England and other countries can apply. Non-residents may file an application through a patent attorney accredited in the country only.

Profitmark International Patent Agency has contracted with several UK patent attorneys. This allows us to represent the interests of customers from all over the world and successfully pass the trademark registration procedure.

To start the process, just fill out an online application on our website. Select the type of trademark you need, and indicate the class for goods and services in which you want to register. Each trademark is registered for a specific activity, for specific goods or services for which it will be used.

Terms and costs of trademark registration in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom Patent Office reviews the application and issues a title of protection. Before making a decision on registration, the application undergoes a series of checks and examinations. In the process of their implementation, the trademark is checked for compliance with all legal requirements. In addition, the law provides for a protest against registration by third parties. If the trademark violates someone’s rights, the company or individual may protest against such registration. If the Office does not receive any protests, and the mark meets all the requirements, the registration lasts approximately 6-8 months.

The cost of registering a trademark in England depends on a number of factors. You can calculate the full amount using our online calculator. You can also get an advice from our experts.