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EU trademark is registered in the European Union via the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union.

On the one hand, filing of an application for a EU trademark is a very profitable step. The trademark owner's rights will automatically cover all EU countries. By submitting one application, the applicant reduces its costs many times as compared to filing of applications to all EU countries through national procedures.

However, this advantage is accompanied by a significant disadvantage – in the event of application rejection by one of the EU member states, the applicant will be denied in registration in all states at the same time and will not be able to get the EU trademark.

We recommend deciding on submission of one application for the EU trademark or choosing the path of trademark national registration in each EU country on the basis of professional search for the trademarks.

If the search shows that similar and identical designations are missing, you can safely apply for the EU trademark registration. However, if the search results are not so straightforward, and some countries will have similar designations, which can be count-presented to the Applicant, it is better to go safe and apply to each country separately.

Once the application is filed for registration, the application details shall be published. Third parties can file an objection (opposition) against the registration within 3 months from the date of application publication. In the event of opposition, the applicant must prepare and submit its response, because ignoring very often leads to granting the objection. Our experts will help to prepare a response, to present arguments on the basis of the country-specific legislation and submit it to the Office. If the opposition is approved, the applicant may convert the EU application into separate applications to the countries where the trademark protection is possible.

The term for the EU trademark registration is 10 years, renewable for a similar period.