Registration of a trademark in European Union.

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The European Union unites 27 member states and is one of the highest priority areas for the development of any business. A large number of companies wish to enter the European market today and it is important to do it in a right way. In addition to product and marketing strategy localization, you also need to register a trademark in Europe. This procedure will provide legislative protection for trademarks. In addition, the trademark owner receives other benefits, such as: prestige, company value increasing and customer loyalty.

Various items can be registered as a trademark in the EU. The most common types of trademarks in the European Union are:

  • Word trademark.
  • Design trademark.     
  • Combined trademark.

In addition to these types, it is also possible to protect three-dimensional symbols, colors and their combination, sound, hologram or multimedia element.

How can you register a trademark in the EU?

Legal entities and individuals can register a trademark in the EU. Registration is available to both residents and citizens of countries that are not members of the European Union. You can only apply through EU patent attorneys. There are several certified experts in our company, we will be happy to help you to get the registration of a trademark in the EU.

There are several registration options:

  1. Trademark registration in each member country of the European Union separately, by national registration.
  2. Registration of a trademark through the Office for Intellectual Property of the EU, which provides for protection in all member countries at once.

Each of these options has its own features. In case of filing a common application for all EU countries, a refusal from one of the countries will be a basis for refusal to register in other countries.

Another feature of registration is the obligatory use of the trademark. There is no way to register the brand “for later” in the EU. Non-use of trademark gives reason to cancel the registration.

Similarly, with other countries, the trademark is registered for certain goods and services. There is also an international classifier that includes 45 different classes. If you cannot choose a specific class, contact our consultants. With our rich and successful experience, we will quickly select the necessary classes for your trademark in the EU.

Terms and procedure for registration of a trademark in the European Union.

Applications pass a series of checks before direct registration in the EU, as in other countries. So, the department checks the submitted trademark for compliance with formal requirements. If this check is successful, the department proceeds to check the trademark for uniqueness. We do recommend to order a full trademark check in the registered and filed for registration trademarks base. This will determine the protection ability of the trademark at the initial stage and will significantly increase the probability of a positive decision by the Office.

As for the deadlines, you can get a trademark in the European Union in about 6 months from the date of application.