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Trademark Application in Denmark

Registration of a trademark in Denmark is available to individuals and legal entities. How to register a Trademark in Denmark? To obtain exclusive rights to a company name, you should fill out the form on our website online. Profitmark International Patent Bureau specializes in the registration of intellectual property and has official representatives in 120 countries. Using our service to register a trademark in Denmark you receive:

  1. Consulting support.
  2. Professional trademark verification in Denmark
  3. Preparation of a package of documents for obtaining registration.
  4. The official filing of the Application for registration with the patent office of the country.
  5. Accompanying your application with an accredited patent attorney.
  6. If necessary: ​​filing petitions or other additional documents and applications in the process of registering a trademark.
  7. Obtaining a Certificate for a trademark.

Trademark Search in Denmark

We recommend making a trademark search before the application to avoid the conflict with already existing trademarks. You can use the trademark register of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office to search for a trademark.

Trademark registration process in Denmark

You begins registration process in Denmark with filing an application with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office and paying registration fees. If you file your applications in English, you should accompany it with translation in Danish.

You have to give the following documents:

  • a request for registration;
  • your name and address (or agent, if applicable);
  • specification of the goods and services;
  • a representation of your trademark;
  • a power of attorney (if applicable).

Stages of registration of a trademark in Denmark are as follows:

  1. You decide what type of a trademark you choose.
  2. You represent the goods and services for which your trademark will be used.
  3. The Patent and Trademark Office examines your application concerning the following items: similar marks, similar or infringing company names and others. If your trademark meets these requirements, it is approved and Danish PTO issues the registration certificate and send it to you. The newly approved trademark is publishing in the Danish Trademark Gazette.

Every application is subject to a two-month opposition period. Other parties have time to object to your trademark within that period. If no opposition is file within this time, the Danish Office issues the final formal trademark registration statement.

The term of trademark protection is 10 years from the date of application. You can make the renewal of trademarks in Denmark for further 10-year periods. The renewal becomes effective after the renewal fee is paid.

Cost of trademark registration in Denmark

Here are the trademark registration fees in Denmark:

  • the application fee for one class of goods or services - 2,000 DKK;
  • additional fee for the second class and any following classes - 200 DKK;

In addition to the high competence of our experts, online interaction is one of the main advantages of our company service. Specially developed software allows us to accept the applications and process them in automatic mode. In countries where online patent filing is available, we use exactly this option. This allows assigning quickly priority to the applicant.

The user gets access to the personal account on the site, which will display complete information about the paperwork. You will be aware of any changes in the pendency of application status by sending a notification letter via the specified email.

If you decide to register a trademark in Denmark - just file an online application!