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Before proceeding to trademark registration in Germany, it is important to ensure the uniqueness of the designation filed for registration by search for identity and similarity. Our system allows you to carry out a preliminary check of the trademark in Germany. For a complete and comprehensive designation check, we recommend ordering a full search.

Trademark registration in Germany requires a certain financial outlay. Our online calculator allows you to calculate the cost of your trademark registration before applying. Our website contains a special form, which will calculate the total amount within a couple of minutes. Fill in all fields in the online calculator, i.e. classes, applicant’s status, designation type etc., and the service will determine the cost.

How to register a TM online

When the uniqueness is confirmed and the value is calculated, it's time to proceed to registration. The main advantage of working with us and using our service is that the applicant may submit an application online. You don’t have to come or call, simply fill out the form, make the payment and the work will start immediately.

Having registered your trademark in Germany, you will get a protection by law, and will be able to prohibit the use of your designation to others.