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TM registration in China is being completed by Office for Intellectual Property of the Peoples Republic of China. There are not any restrictions concerning claimants ın Chına.Both individuals and corporate bodies can register TM in China. Chinese legislation permits such a situation when TM registry is being completed by corporate groups. Individuals,or so called residents(PRC citizens) may file applications for the TM registry on an independent basis.Corporate bodies and nonresidents are to act through the patent solicitors.In Chına they follow the prıorıty prıncıple.The fırst request client will be given the registration. You gonna get the TM registry in 2 years period after the application had been filed. Any visual discription, more specifically - numbers,letters,descriptions and third-dimensional symbols of any colour combination may be registered.It`s possible to incorporate the sound TM in China since 2014.

Previously, according to the act which regulated the TM applying in PRC, TM could include the only one activity category(single class).This norm has been canceled in 2014 and every TM now may include some activity categories.

As in many other countries TM in China is valid for 10 years.The claimant can prolong the validity period of TM for 10 years again after the expiration of the current validity term.

Every person can file an objection versus this sign registry during 3 months period of time since info about this TM had been published in the Official Bulletin.

If any objections appear and an Official Department of PRC doesn`t have any profound reasons for the registry refusal,the claimant gets the sign certificate which is valid for certain goods and services in China.

Having registered the TM in China. you should remember that this document is not legal and valid in Taiwan,Makao and Hong Kong. The Intellectual Property registration on this territories is being performed by the local power structures.Usually it takes near a year and a half.