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Trade Marks in Bolivia are registered by National Department of Intellectual Property(SENAPI). Both individuals and corporate bodies can file an application for the TM being registered. There isn`t a need in having of a representetive body or incorporated company in this state, if you gonna register a TM in Bolivia. Our company`s professionals will perform all the legal procedures that you need on a very sophisticated level.

To incorporate TM in Bolivia: special aspects.

The TM Registry procedure in Bolivia is different from what they have in many other countries. It is impossible to register fully integrated sign here . The main problem lies in the specific necessity of division when the texts and graph or logotipe that your TM may include are to be separated.

The Registration and Validity Terms for the TM in Bolivia.

It takes you 12 months period of time to incorporate a TM in Bolivia. During this period of time the specialists should identify a claimant,verify if the sign really satisfies the legislation requirements and norms.They must implement the sign expertise and determine what class is gonna be appropriate for this TM registry.

All the procedures are being performed according to the documents the claiment had filed. The documents should be composed in spanish without a regulatory apostilling.In some cases we should notarize the documents.

The TM registry certificate is usually given for 10 years with a possibility of prolonging. In this case the owner has a primary right for prolonging his TM life term. You can file a application for the certificate prolonging during 6 months after its expiration.If SENAPI doesn`t get such a claim theTM jurisdiction is gonna be annuled.

In Bolivia, if we register a TM,we should use it on a regular base. Thi is a compalsory norm. If we don`t use our TM for 3 years, the governmental department has a right to annul the document. So we`ll lose our ability to use and operate this TM.