How to check a trademark

Trademark search is an online trademark pre-check service we have developed. This search allows you to see the trademarks that have already been registered. In some countries you can also see the filed applications. In any case, an online trademark search is a fact-finding. We will carry out a complete and professional search for you before filing your trademark. Unfortunately, we were not able to implement this service in all countries, but we are constantly working on it.

How can you use the online trademark pre-check?

  1. Enter the trademark you want to pre-check in the search box.
  2. Select classes to check.
  3. Click "search".

The system will search and display the result. You will be provided with the findings with data on valid Trademark Certificates. In addition to information about the trademark itself, the system will show other bibliographic data: owner, trademark number, classes in which the trademark is registered, and the validity period of the security document.

Different countries may have different data sets. We try to provide our customers with as much information as possible, therefore we are constantly working on improvements. We plan to realize in future the possibility of online trademark pre-check in all countries of the world.

Our priority countries for trademark registration: