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Trademark is a company name registered in the established manner. Trademark registration in Ukraine is available to both legal entities and individuals. The procedure begins with a search for already registered trademarks and submitted applications and ends with the issuance of a security document: Trademark Certificate. The timing of registration depends on the chosen procedure. There are two of them in Ukraine today: standard and the expedited one. The Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property (Ukrpatent) conducts registration. The best way is to apply through official patent attorneys of the country. We have several accredited attorneys in our company who will be glad to help you in preparing and submitting trademark registration documents. 

Types of trademarks in Ukraine.

Various marks can be protected as a trademark. Depending on the type, there are the following types of trademarks:

  • Word trademark.
  • Design trademark.           
  • Combined trademark.

These are the most common types of trademarks in Ukraine. Word trademark can consist of letters and numbers. It may be the name of the company, product or even the slogan. Design trademark will help to protect a picture, e.g., a logo. A combined trademark contains both a verbal part and a graphic element. Note that the trademark will be protected exactly in the form in which it was registered.

Verification of a trademark in Ukraine.

One of the mandatory requirements for the trademark submitted for registration is its uniqueness and distinguishing ability. The trademark should not mislead the consumer and should not violate the rights of third parties. To check trademark for uniqueness, you can use the online search by trademark. Just enter your trademark, select the classes and click "search". The system will select registered trademarks from the database and compare them with the checked ones. You have to understand that such a check is for guidance only and may not include some results, for example, applications filed last time. Before the official submission, each trademark submitted through the Profitmark company is fully tested. After finishing it, the customer receives the expert’s conclusion with all available information.

What time you need to register a trademark in Ukraine?

As we mentioned above, there are two procedures for registering trademark in Ukraine: standard and the expedited one. The term of the standard procedure is 18-20 months. The expedited one lasts 7-8 months from the filing date. Of course, the chosen procedure affects the cost. Expedited trademark registration will cost a little more than the standard one.

Classes for registration and the cost of the procedure.

As in other countries, a trademark in Ukraine is registered for certain goods and services. An international classifier for goods and services is used as a classifier. It includes 45 classes. You need to make your choice with responsibility, because the protection will only apply to those goods and services that are selected when applying. Unfortunately, there is no way to change or add classes.

The cost depends on the number of classes, the selected procedure and several other factors:

  1. Type of applicant: individual or legal entity.
  2. Citizenship / registration: residents or citizens / companies from other countries.
  3. Type of trademark and its color.

You can get detailed advice on all questions of interest from our experts. We will help you to conduct a search, to select classes and eventually we register a trademark for you in Ukraine.